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In recent years I have researched, developed and implemented financial architectures to maximize the possibilities of development of humanitarian foundations and major international projects. This job gives me immense energy and joy, I find it extraordinary to be able to touch the lives of so many, know that your actions will give hope and resources to so many, helping government agencies, humanitarian NGOs and foundations to create prosperity, sustainability and culture.


I write for passion, some times out of frustration, for anger, with the intent of sharing, to remember, to study, to work, for love. I wrote screenplays, novels, stories, and today with the same passion I write articles, non-fiction books and seminars. My first nonfiction book "The media evolution" was published by Gangemi, and was followed a year later by pamphlet "Lie" on the function of surrogate reality in human behaviour and society and two years later by "Almost like a god" a book to introduce the Aureus Mental Paradigm, and his importance and application in everyday life, published by Golfera in 2015. Based on my studies I created the Aureus Mental Paradigm and with the help of Stefano Santori we have created with the project MindShift a powerful and unique method of training. As my research press forward and interest grows, my passion does not give me rest, and urged by my colleagues I am working on a new book on the information technology "The information, the matrix, the transhumanism". A treaty on the basis of communication as archetype of life. Soon we will add a section with all articles and books available. 

World Food Program

Gabriele e il direttore esecutivo del World Food Program Ertharin Cousin 

Organizations are structures formed by singles, and they behave as complex adaptive systems, so having in this field a bit of knowledge I created an international network. I worked and I collaborate with many institutions and foundations, I have participated in several missions and state visits, working constantly to make possible a constructive dialogue where often seemed impossible. The time, the experience, the passion they have rewarded me giving me unique relationships with extraordinary characters. Today my commitment to humanitarian projects and development is more active than ever through my work as chairman of the Civic Parliament of humanity and responsible for international finance at First Aid Foundation.