in this "work in progress" you will find some general information about things I love to do: the art, the humanitarian projects, the financial development, the writings and teaching. This meeting place was created to keep in touch with the many friends around the world that with me share the same enthusiasm, commitment and vision so you will also be put in contact with the incredible international network that I have being bless with. The passion for study and research, innovation and technology, the love for art and communication, for beauty and travelling have shaped my life and my career as strategic advisor in the most different fields. In recent years I have devoted myself to strengthen impact on society with my diplomatic and humanitarian work especially as head of international finance of the First Aid Foundation and as president Civic Humanitarian Parliament Italy. As we know nothing happens by chance, therefore: if you are here that must be a reason, so are you a new friend or a "long" time one, I welcome you to join forces and start shaping the world together. 

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Have a wonderful becoming

The humanitarian and financial work

In the picture above: me and the incredible Ertharin Cousin, the twelfth Executive Director of the United Nations, World Food Programme the world’s largest humanitarian organization, serving over 80 million beneficiaries in 82 countries across the world.

For me to work has always meant to touch the life of others, to influence somehow the prospective and the perception of the world around me. I have worked as a volunteer in different occasions but at the age of 24 in Los Angeles I work helping abused children, it was a shattering experience and when I left I promised myself one day I was going to try to make the difference, to help the unprivileged, the suffering one. And so I have tried to do throughout my many different works and careers, and finally in recent years I have put together my first humanitarian association www.pcufoundation.org. From there with my experience I have studied and researched, developed and implemented different financial architectures to maximize the possibilities of development for humanitarian foundations and major international projects. This job gives me immense energy and joy, and I find it extraordinary to be able to touch the lives of so many, to know that my actions will give hope and resources to fantastic projects, helping government agencies, humanitarian NGOs and foundations to create prosperity, sustainability and culture to make the world a better place for all. And with this prospective I have served at First Aid Foundation as head of international finance, and now I am putting toghether my new international foundation.

Making movies a way of communicating

I started as an actor, then became a director a writer and finally a producer of film, series, documentaries, tv shows and theatre. In 1990 I created my first production company in Los Angeles CA. My “thin red line” throughout my media career has been the research of communication, my work was always a research of the media with which I pretended to communicate with. As an actor I trained not only my acting and my impro skills, but my voice in different languages and accents in singing, speech classes, I trained in martial arts and dancing… later on as I writer I study the structured of scripts and trained working for the “Studios” and reading and giving a report to as many as tree scrips a day. As a director my work has always been focus on research,  sometimes even building technical equipment, to better express myself, my vision transcended in to the 35mm and later in HD and even as a producer I always wanted to communicate, to share information, to create a synergy in order to expand my vision, to master and influence all the instruments at my disposal. This work and vision led and inspired the work and research that has led me to my first book “The multimedia evolution”. With friends as inspiring as Oliver Stone, and teachers like Stella Adler and Robert Mc Kee, J. Drake, Robert Easton, my work was never about pretending but about understanding and conquering the technical and the creative core of media. My effort was always aimed to bring a different prospective with a sense of responsibility and truthfulness. This lead my first theatrical movie “For bread alone” based on the life of Mohamed Choukri by director Rachid Benhaji to be the first ever film to be considered by the UNESCO a world heritage film. My second theatrical picture “Redacted” by Brian de Palma brought my production & distribution company the silver lion at the Venice film festival in 2007. I have created and registered many scripts and tv formats, created the first Italian interactive channel and film "the ethernal key" ventured in to mobile tv before anyone could even think mobile, all this prepared me for the internet age and my future jobs. 

strategic advisor

I am very lucky, I enjoy working and collaborating in different fields ad with special people. Lately I have been appointed academician of the International Academy of Social Sciences by its president Dr. Otto F. von Feigenblatt, Count of Kobryn and Baron von Feigenblatt-Miller. With the First Aid Foundation where I serve as head of international finance I tavel  to maximize financial opportunities and relations with institutions such as the O.N.U., the E.U. the I.M.F. and the World Bank.   

Writing and drowning a communication tool

I write for passion, some times out of frustration, in anger, with the intent of sharing, to remember, to study, to work, for love. I wrote screenplays, novels, stories, tv shows, and today with the same passion I write articles, non-fiction books and seminars. My first non/fiction book was titled "The media evolution" and published in Italy by Gangemi. It was followed a year later by the pamphlet "Lie" on the function of surrogate reality in human behaviour and society and two years later by "Almost like a god" a book to introduce the Aureus Mental Paradigm, and his importance and application in everyday life, published by Golfera in 2015. Based on my studies I created the Aureus Mental Paradigm and with the help of Stefano Santori we created the project LiquidMindset a powerful and unique method of training and self improuvement applicable to persons as well as to stuctures. In Italy Lupetti published in 2019 our latest work "The best winning mentality". As public interest grows on my work, my passion does not give me any rests, so my reserch press forward. Urged by my colleagues I am working on a nw book on the information technology "The information, the "Matrix, the transhumanism". A treaty on the basis of communication as archetype of life.