Significant Work

2018 Founder and CEO of Hachiman Global Industries sl

2017 CEO of Laran snc

 2017-2018 Institutional spokesmen for Veritas

2016-2018 Managing director at Novocentral ltd

2016 V.P of “Small business international”

2016 Co-founder of the National Association of SOCIAL MEDIA E SOCIAL NETWORK

2015-2018 Head of international finance at First Aid Foundation

2014 Strategic advisor and teacher for Enoxi

2014 Strategic advisor for Armosia

2013- President of Civic Humanitarian Parliament Italy

2011–2012 Head of institutional relations, Music Society of Rome

2010 Associated producer “LA CERTOSA DI PARMA” tv movie: Tangram/Jp France/Rai

2010-2011 Strategic advisor in Italy for I-MAX

2000-2010 C.E.O. and co-founded A.E. Media Srl an independent multimedia
company producing film, documentaries, spots, commercials, TV series and shows
working with Rai, Mediaset, Sky.

2006-2008 President of the Academy of Cinema and Visual Arts

2007-2010 Co-founder C.E.O and of IPTVision
one of the very first company in Italy work on interactive contents and tecnical
structure channels for the internet web television. Under Gabriele guidance in 2007
they created the project of the first Italian institutional web tv “Cinecittà Media
Channel”. 2008 the company was commissioned the creation of a
promotional channel of Libyan by its government. Gabriele went on to create the
first underwater channel, introducing new procedures and systems for the
implementation of the shooting underwater with the use of 3D camera and the Re-
Brither systems.

2002 – 2004 - Advisor to the Algerian Government for the film business.

1999 founder of Creative Cosmic Communications Los Angeles CA.

1998 CEO and co-founder of Broad Horizon Film inc. 

In 1997, became a member of the American Film Institute and of the Independent
Feature Project West. In the same year for Salomon Entertainment, he was in charge
of market research in India, scouting for the resources and the opportunity to build
studios in the area. For Filminvest U.S.A., he worked in distribution and development.