A new book in the writing

Unplugging the Matrix, understanding the new media and technology, in order to make sense of the new reality, to take advantage of it and not being abuse by it. As species we face a new challenge in the way we evolve, we think and interact. Are you aware of it? Are you ready for it? 

After more than 20 years

Gabriele Pao-Pei Andreoli, Michela Rocco, Alberto Rossi, Francesca Antonelli and Claudio Lorimer AKA "I ragazzi del muretto" after 20 years from the production of the famous Italian tv series got together for friend e colleague Amedeo Letizia that is producing the film “Nato a Casal di Principe”.  


Music, friendship, and projects

In more than 20 years of friendship with singher and italian star J AX we have shared many expirience and projects. Latly I have discussed with him the possibility to partecipate in a world fund raising event, in order to rappresent italy.